The Fetish Community Is Ready to Whip President Trump

We had six voices from the leather and fetish community pose before our nation's greatest monuments and tell us their hopes and fears for Trump's America.


Snow Machines Push The Rubber Out of Bills' Field Turf, Delay Game

That rubber infill provides the cushion, bounce and release for the five-year-old A-Turf Titan field surface. Now a huge portion of it is gone, in the middle of freezing, snowy weather.


Guys Don't Care About Safe Sex If the Woman Is Hot, Study Says

Men are apparently more likely to have unprotected sex with a women they were real attractive, regardless of how likely they thought it was that she had an STI.


'Embrace of the Serpent' Is a Violent, Psychedelic, Film About the Colonization of the Amazon

Colombian director Ciro Guerra's critically acclaimed new movie tells the story of the invasion of the sacred jungle from an indigenous perspective.


Balloons Turn Me On and I Don't Think There's Anything Wrong with That

"The real deal is when my girl is laying on top of a big balloon, naked, with her ass pointing at me, surrounded by soft latex, inflating a balloon with her mouth."


What I've Learned from Working in a Gay Fetish Shop

Firstly, lesbians are the nicest customers. Secondly, the last people you'd imagine buying a particular item will, without question, always be the first ones to buy that item.


Someone Finally Made a Condom for Your Gigantic Penis

I talked to a representative from the UK company TheyFit about problems well-endowed men have with condoms and why the US lags behind Europe in providing jimmy hats for girthy dudes.