Run The Jewels


Watch the First Trailer for Killer Mike's New Netflix Show 'Trigger Warning'

The documentary series is about "embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations."


Killer Mike Clarifies His Pro-Gun Stance, Says He Supports Protesters

El-P also defended his Run the Jewels partner, who said that his comments dismissing the March for Our Lives protesters were taken out of context by the NRA.


Run The Jewels Have Two Rules for People Who Want to Come to Their Shows

Killer Mike will punch you in the face if you don't follow them.


Rick and Morty Kick Some Alien Ass in Run the Jewels' New Music Video

It's like if Tarantino directed an episode.


Please God, Can Rappers Stop Forcing 'Rick and Morty' On Me

Run the Jewels' new video for "Oh Mama" stars the popular animated scientific ne'er-do-wells, but the show's worst fans make it tricky to use as marketing.


Killer Mike Raps About Mass Incarceration and Retirement on 'South Park'

"For the crime of being old / They threw me in this nursing home."


Listen to Run the Jewels' Storming 'FIFA 18' Soundtrack Cut "Mean Demeanor"

Behold: Cristiano Ronaldo and Killer Mike in the same digital space.


Run the Jewels Dedicated a Song to Chester Bennington on 'Kimmel' Last Night

They were joined by Trina and Joi for their performance, too.


Atlanta Declared Monday Killer Mike Day

He's just that good, and has given his home city that much.


Run The Jewels Go Claymation for Their "Don't Get Captured" Video

Get ready for a very haunted ride through the city.


Danger Mouse, Run the Jewels, and Big Boi Are Action Stars in "Chase Me" Video

The 'Baby Driver' song gets a clip worthy of cinema.


Run The Jewels and Big Boi Are Extremely Dismissive of Babies on “Chase Me”

The Danger Mouse-produced track comes from the soundtrack to Edgar Wright's new movie, 'Baby Driver.'