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  • The Devastating Chemical Attack in Iraqi Kurdistan 25 Years Later

    It’s been 25 years, seven months, six days, and around five hours since Saddam Hussein’s bombs rained down on Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan. We met some of the victims and explored the town.

  • The World's Most Depressing Museum Is in Iraq, of Course

    Most cities have monuments to the past, so it seems appropriate, given the bloody history of Iraqi Kurdistan, that Sulaymaniyah's main tourist attraction is a museum devoted to documenting torture and injustice.

  • Are Chemical Weapons Actually Useful in a War?

    Bashar Assad gave the US an excuse to enter the war when he used chemical weapons against the Syrian rebels trying to overthrow him, but in this day and age such weapons aren't very effective ways of killing people.

  • The Day Saddam's Palace Turned into a US Soldiers' Vacation Resort

    One morning in Iraq in 2003, our battalion chaplain came to our small firebase in Baghdad, told us that he had to go to one of Saddam’s palaces for meetings and wanted to take a couple of infantry squads with him so we could enjoy the facilities. He...

  • Mem'ries: Fighting Fires in a Burning Kuwaiti Oil Field

    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, he set in motion a political conflict that resulted in a devastating man-made environmental catastrophe. He had sworn that if he was "evicted from Kuwait by force, then Kuwait will be burned," and it turned...

  • In Saddam's Shadow

    Ten years after the US invasion of Iraq, VICE founder Suroosh Alvi returns to Baghdad to see how the city is doing. We meet a biker gang that misses Saddam, a gay activist, the metal band Dog Faced Corpse, and members of the Iraqi military whose bomb...