Saint Vitus

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A Brief History of the Trill in Heavy Metal

The stylistic embellishment, most commonly used in classical music, has found a second life on a variety of heavy metal albums.
Zach Painter
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Searching for 666 Love: A Night of Speed Metal Dating

What happens when a bunch of metalheads convene at a bar, blast some Iron Maiden, and look for love? We investigate.
Christine Colby
Holy Shit

Holy Shit! The Pope Played a Secret Show at Saint Vitus Last Night

Noisey was proud to present His Holiness' afterparty where he played hymns from his first seven-inch.
Dan Ozzi

The "Supercollider" Never Turned Off: Cavity's Daniel Gorostiaga on Returning to Ruination

Bringing the heaviness to you this fall at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.
Fred Pessaro
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We Partied with Royal Headache, Sheer Mag, and the Go To Beds in Brooklyn

See photos of the night brought to you by Noisey and Shiner.
Noisey Staff

Get Slugged in the Face Repeatedly with Primitive Weapons' New Video for "The Electric Drama"

Party Smasher Inc. knows how to pick 'em.
John Hill
The Noisey Guide to

How to Turn Your Worthless College Degree into a Job in the Music Industry

Believe it or not, there are jobs in music besides being a musician. We talked to more than 20 people in the industry to find out how they got to where they are.
Noisey Staff
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Ramleh, JfK, and Kleistwahr Played Nothing Changes on 1/28

Uk musicians Anthony Di Franco and Gary Mundy descended upon NYC to unleash total and utter power electronic hell.
Noisey Staff

Trying to Outrun Addiction: Saint Vitus Frontman Caught with Eleven Grams of Meth in Norway, Gets Deported

Doom legend Scott "Wino" Weinrich's battle with addiction gets him arrested in Norway
Kim Kelly
Longreads Or Whatever

The Strange Tale of Cult Sludge-Metal Band Iron Monkey

"We knew what we wanted to do and nobody could tell us any other way—a band like that is never going to last."
Harry Sword
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I Saw Nirvana Play to Two Hundred People. In 2014.

Grohl / Smear / Novoselic reunite for an intimate performance at a small Brooklyn venue
Fred Pessaro
Noisey Presents

The Marked Men in Brooklyn: Saturday Matinee Show Added

A third chance to see the Texas legends.
Noisey Staff