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What's the Fallout From 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo's Burner Twitter Accounts?

The Philadelphia GM may have had as many as five accounts that he used to talk shit about players and coaches, and reveal sensitive information.


From Hanging Chads to Theo Epstein, How Trust the Process Came to Sports

In search of the origins of the phrase "trust the process," we discovered that Theo Epstein possibly first brought the term into the sports lexicon.


With Markelle Fultz Trade Official, Sixers Fans Launch "RT Armageddon"

The day of Twitter reckoning, when Sixers fans would retweet everyone who ever doubted The Process, arrived on Monday.


Throwback Thursday: The Sam Hinkie Resignation Letter as Literature

One year ago, Sam Hinkie's 13-page resignation letter brought The Process era to an end in Philadelphia. That work continues, but Hinkie's letter is history.


Should the Sixers Bring Back Sam Hinkie? Cookies 44

​Heading in the All-Star Weekend, hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli discuss whether Sam Hinkie should be rehired in Philly, NBA trade rumors, and the continuing drama with Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks.​


Loser Takes All: The Philadelphia 76ers, The Process, And Belief

During the lean years of The Process, the Sixers didn't give their fans much more than faith that things would someday be better. It was more than enough.


JOEL EMBIID SIREN!! He Actually Played in a Game

Joel Embiid played in an honest-to-god game last night.


The Second Round of the NBA Draft Is Broken, But Not Beyond Repair

Right now, it makes far more sense for a player to go undrafted than to be selected in the back half of the NBA draft's second round—what some agents have started calling the "dead zone."


The First Ben Simmons/Brandon Ingram Match-Up Was More Preview Than Main Event

When the top two picks of the NBA Draft—and a pair of potential franchise saviors—squared off in the NBA Summer League, the fun was mostly about what's to come.


For The Boston Celtics, The Future Is Almost Now

Boston has nailed its NBA rebuild in every facet. But if the Celtics can't turn its assets into a difference-making superstar, they won't take that last step.


The NBA Peaked This Week, On to the Playoffs: COOKIES 019 with Real Estate's Jackson Pollis and Corban Goble

Jackson Pollis, of the band Real Estate, and journalist Corban Goble join COOKIES to discuss Kobe Bryant, Crying MJ, and the NBA Playoffs.


Sam Hinkie and an Untrustable Process: David Roth's Weak in Review

Sam Hinkie's Process is over in Philadelphia. Joe Lacob's work taking credit in Golden State is only beginning. Business, in other words, is booming as usual.