Sandro Lisi


Rob Ford’s Party Pal Acquitted of All Drug Charges

Despite 24-hour surveillance on Sandro Lisi, a judge ruled the police failed to actually prove he had been part of the key drug deal.


Yesterday Was Rob Ford’s Last Day as Mayor, But His Story Isn’t Over

As of today Rob Ford is gone from the mayor's office, but he won't be forgotten. After all, he's still got some court dates to attend.


John Tory Is the Boring, Rob Ford-Antidote Toronto Asked For

Last night Toronto crowned John Tory as its new mayor. Here, Patrick McGuire examines the new state of Toronto municipal politics in the aftermath of Rob Ford's unpredictable reign.


What I Do In Private Is None of Your Business, Folks

In the midst of the latest mayoral controversy in Toronto, we turned to our pal Mayor Rob Frod who tells it like it is, folks, by pointing the finger where it belongs: the media.