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Vancouver Dirt Now Earns Twice as Much as All of the City’s Workers Combined

It’s getting harder and harder to put Vancouver’s freakish housing market in perspective.


Catching Up with the Artist Who Stages Viral Rodent Videos

After a chocolate-stealing squirrel caught Canadians’ attention this week, we asked artist and apparent “Pizza Rat” rodent trainer Zardulu about the story’s authenticity and whether that matters.


How Long Until We Can Grow Medicinal Magic Mushrooms: An Investigation

A wave of studies say psychedelics can treat depression, end-of-life anxiety, addiction and more. So we asked experts when Canadians will be able to grow medicinal shrooms at home.


What It’s Like to Be Forced to Take Anti-Psychotic Drugs

After involuntary mental health treatment, many patients feel afraid to seek more help. A constitutional challenge could change the way patients consent to treatment in BC.


How to Laugh at an Opioid Crisis

If you ask comedian and former addict Mark Hughes, everyone should be thinking and talking about fentanyl—not just users and Downtown Eastside activists.


Marc Emery Has Been Released from Jail Following Montreal Pot Shop Raids

Ten weed activists, including Jodie and Marc Emery, were arrested and are now under investigation. Everyone except Marc was released Friday night.


Searching BC Ghost Towns for Traces of Chinese Miners

Century-old records reduced them to nameless slurs, so it takes serious detective work to find the real history.


Why I Left a Polygamist Colony but Stayed in My Plural Marriage

With British Columbia polygamists on trial, we spoke to a woman who left the church but fought to keep her family together.


Here Are the Next '20 Standing Rocks' According to Frontline Activists

In the wake of an unprecedented win in North Dakota, we asked Indigenous and environmental groups what they see as the next key energy battlegrounds.


Why an Ottawa Theatre Pulled a Screening of a Men’s Rights Documentary

The Mayfair Theatre's co-owner says he cancelled 'The Red Pill' because of the event's hateful hosts—not because of the film's content.


The Women Changing Canada’s Most Infamous Polygamist Colony from the Inside

Bountiful, BC has been in the news for an ongoing child trafficking trial, but the fundamentalist Mormon settlement is also home to a small group of women leaders who defy stereotypes. Photographer Jackie Dives gets a rare glimpse into their lives


News Spin Is Fucking Out of Control and This Headline Probably Isn’t Helping

We chatted with Canadian filmmaker Ken Finkleman about how over-the-top movies seem honest by comparison. His latest satire 'An American Dream' premieres at the Whistler Film Festival December 1.