We Talked to Filmmaker Desiree Akhavan About Putting More Bisexual Women on Our Screens

The Appropriate Behavior director thinks being bisexual is like having a superpower, and she's using hers to make astute comedy about the difference between the sexes.


Writer Rudy Wurlitzer’s Underappreciated Masterpieces

Since the late 1960s, Wurlitzer has been a screenwriter. None of the films he wrote raked in box-office millions, but people speak about him in superlatives—that he's one of a kind, that he's his own genre.


We’re Watching the Trees

Millie Anthony is 38. Middle of the night. Lying there in the still bedroom, looking toward the window. A man called Jeff lies beside her. “We’re watching the trees again,” she says.


King of the Wild Frontier

Simply, they were there to play golf. While they were at it, they might stick around to have a meal in the 50s-built white-brick clubhouse or, on a Sunday, to watch the NFL games on the TV in the carpeted area of the men’s locker room after they’d...


The God of Story

Robert McKee has lectured on storytelling for three decades, and his book Story is the bible for screenwriters. Alec Sokolow and Tony Camin are a screenwriting team in Los Angeles who recently called McKee to talk shop and discuss What the...


How Kohnstamm Got the Beach House

David Mamet wrote the screenplays for American Buffalo, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Untouchables, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Wag the Dog, among many others. We're honored to feature his writing in this year's...


Waiting for Kurt

I came to the Landmark Forum with Lucy. “There’s a guaranteed popping sensation,” she said, as we entered. “A group orgasm.” The last thing she had begged me to do with her was hydro-colon therapy.