Seattle Seahawks


Earl Thomas, An NFL Cautionary Tale

The exact thing the Seattle Seahawks safety was trying to avoid, was the very thing he couldn't.


This Earl Thomas Essay Should Embarrass the NFL

The Seahawks safety is begging Seattle to treat him like a valued employee.


Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Security Guard at Super Bowl LI

The Philadelphia Eagles' new defensive end was charged with injury of the elderly for allegedly injuring a paraplegic 66-year-old woman.


Goodell Celebrates Legal Win with Fireball Shots in NYC Dive Bar

I mean, I expected Jager Bombs, but whatever.


Michael Bennett Claims He Was Wrongly Arrested, Assaulted by Police

After the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in Vegas, Bennett claims police wrongfully arrested him and, in a note on Twitter, wrote that one cop told him he would "blow my fucking head off" if he moved.


NFL Teams Are Running Out of Reasons for Passing on Kaepernick

The Seahawks basically said that Colin Kaepernick was too good to be a backup quarterback and signed a dude who made ten starts for the Browns and Rams instead.


Eddie Lacy Just Earned Your Yearly Salary for Not Being *Too* Beefy

Due to a weight clause in his contract, the Seahawks running back just earned $55,000.


"Shit Just Got Real": Marshawn Lynch Announces Impending NFL Return As Only He Can

Marshawn Lynch announced on Twitter that he is returning to the NFL, to play for his hometown Raiders, and it is glorious.


Marshawn Lynch Has Reportedly Agreed to Terms With Raiders

Let's just hope Lynch signs a two-year contract, so he never plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.


​Stop Teasing Us With Marshawn Lynch Comebacks

Rumors are swirling that the Raiders are trying to coax Marshawn Lynch out of retirement. We've heard this song before.


The Wild Card Winners Got Luckier Than You'd Imagine

Don't be fooled by a boring Wild Card weekend of favorites blowing out underdogs—all the winning teams have serious flaws


Paul Richardson Conjures a Bonkers One-Handed Catch With Some Touchdown Wizardry

He made some catch magic happen. He's like a catch wizard out there.