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One Republican's Plan to Stop Mass Shootings: Fire Extinguishers

Because that'll stop gunmen right in their tracks.
Drew Schwartz
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'We Are Heavily Armed' Florida Church Warns No One in Particular

Signs papering the building warn that any attempt to wreak havoc within its walls will be met "with deadly force."
Drew Schwartz

This Three Percenter Militia Is Hell-Bent on Keeping Its Guns

VICE embeds with one of America's controversial, right-wing, "anti-terror" militias, the Georgia III% Security Force.
VICE Staff

Why Gun People Are High on Neil Gorsuch

An influential Second Amendment lawyer expects Trump's Supreme Court pick to expand Constitutional protections to guns in public spaces.
Mike Spies
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Maryland Court Says Assault Rifles Aren't Protected Under the Second Amendment

The 10–4 decision upholds the state ban on military-grade weapons, put in place after the Newtown elementary school shooting.
Lauren Messman

A Trump Gun Guy's To-Do List for the New White House

"I am looking forward to helping protect and defend the Second Amendment over the course of a generation or two," he said, noting he was cleaning his gun as he spoke.
Dan Friedman
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Will Hillary Clinton Take Away Americans' Guns?

We talked to a constitutional law professor about how far a new Democratic president's gun-control policies could go—and whether they would be effective in reducing violent deaths.
Allie Conti
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The Founder of Black Guns Matter on How to Reduce Urban Violence

"Guns are everywhere in my neighborhood. I want my community to know what bullets can do—and how they can exercise their rights."
Maj Toure, as told to Mike Spies
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These Are the Americans Who Still Oppose Closing the Terror Gap

Unsurprisingly, they share characteristics with those opposing universal background checks.
Brian Freskos & Olivia Li

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump says he'd consider racial profiling, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to gun control laws in two states, Star Trek actors mourn Anton Yelchin, and more.
VICE Staff

A Very Incomplete List of People Gun Rights Activists Think Should Be Armed

America won't be safe until every judge, preacher, pilot, bar patron, and doctor is armed to the teeth.
Harry Cheadle
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Why Some Gun Lovers Still Aren’t Sold on Donald Trump

Gun Owners for America is withholding its endorsement.
Nora Biette-Timmons and Mike Spies