second sudanese civil war


Meet Emmanuel Jal, the Former South Sudanese Child Soldier Who Now Jams with Nile Rodgers

Emmanuel Jal has transformed his harrowing story into a triumphant new album.


Unholy Alliance

In September 1983, Riek Machar and his associates discovered a powerful ally: Muammar Qaddafi. Earlier that year, President Ronald Reagan of the US had called Qaddafi “the mad dog of the Middle East,” but he was a mad dog with billions in oil revenue...


Life Under the Trees

We’ve made it to Akobo, headquarters of the new Nuer rebellion. We have pissed off our hosts, bickered with one another for over 150 bumpy miles, hunted food, traded jokes, and destroyed Tim’s laptop.


Oil and War

Despite the first major uprising in 1955, Sudan was eager to begin oil exploration, and in 1959 a collection of European and American companies began their search in the north.


Fixing South Sudan

Machot blames the UN for many of the problems in the south—complaining that the UN’s rationing of flour and grain did little for his people, whose diet consisted mostly of meat and fish. None of it makes sense, but hey, this is South Sudan.