The Obama Administration Has Uncovered More Work Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Account

Another day, another string of "hidden" Hilary Clinton emails.


Jade Helm 15 Has Begun: Here's Everything We Know So Far

The secret training exercise started Wednesday. All we know is that it's big and that it scares conservatives.


My Dad's Long, Frustrating Battle with the US Government to Learn About His Own Kidnapping

My dad was a journalist when he was kidnapped by Islamic militants in Beirut in 1985, three months before I was born. But it's American laws that have made figuring out what happened a nightmare.


CSIS is Refusing to Tell Us How Much It Spent on an Unconstitutional Snooping Campaign

Canada's top spy agency has given VICE a "we can neither confirm nor deny."


Why Is the CIA So Protective of the Details of One of Its Biggest Blunders?

The agency still refuses to release the last volume of its history of the Bay of Pigs invasion.


The TPP Might Ruin Internet Freedom, but We’ll Export More Canadian Meat to Japan

Canada's active interest in the Trans-Pacific Partnership will likely lead to draconian intellectual property laws that will handcuff Canada's digital innovation. Some experts believe that the TPP will only improve our GDP by 0.36, so is this...


The Harper Government Insists it’s Legal to Collect Metadata

CSEC's defense of its metadata collection program is steeped in confusing, government doublespeak.