Hello Kitty Is Probably About to Be Ruined in a Stupid CGI Movie

Given what's happened to other childhood faves (RIP, toothy Sonic), there are a lot of ways this could go.
Alex Zaragoza

‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore

It was more messily slapstick than outright offensive, but Sega's fighter took a look at Mortal Kombat's fatalities and said: we can do better.
Mike Diver

A Terrible 'Mario Maker' Clone On Steam Actually Has a Few Good Ideas

If Nintendo won't release their games on PC, opportunistic developers are prepared to release basically the same thing.
Patrick Klepek

One Glorious Day at London’s Summer of Sonic Fan Convention

You go in thinking: This is all a bit silly, isn't it? But, quickly, it's clear that this isn't something you can make fun of.
Mathew Jones
Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Happy 25th, Sonic, and Thank the Gaming Gods You Weren’t an Awesome Possum

Sonic spin-dashed through the Mascot Wars of the 1990s. But let's spare a thought for the fallen, those anthropomorphized heroes who didn't make it.
Mike Diver

Exploring the Strange World of ‘Shenmue’ Video Game Fandom

The 'Shenmue' community is one of the greatest in gaming, supporting their favorite series by trading comedy memes and writing rock opera records.
Wil Jones

These Are the Best Video Games You Can Finish in an Afternoon

You're bumming about the house, with time to kill. So kill it by starting, and finishing, a great game in a single sitting.
Mike Diver

I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved the SEGA Dreamcast

SEGA's swansong console was ahead of its time, but its amazing games were eclipsed by the super hyped PlayStation 2.
Ewen Hosie

Video Games Are Better Than Ever So Why Are We Trying to Revisit the Past?

The Vega+ and Commodore PET Phone show us that some gaming memories are better off as, well, memories.
Ian Dransfield

The ‘Streets of Rage 2’ Soundtrack Still Sounds Amazing Decades Later

We grabbed a staff writer for Noisey and Thump and had him listen to Yuzo Koshiro's 1992 soundtrack for 'SoR2.' Spoiler: he was impressed.
Mike Diver
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Conspiracy Theory About Michael Jackson Composing Music for 'Sonic 3' Is Actually Probably True

The King of Pop actually wrote the soundtrack to the 1994 Sega Genesis game according to a Huffington Post feature.
River Donaghey
VICE vs Video games

As Sega’s Mascot Turns 25, This Is What We Want from a New Sonic Game

It's simple, really: innovation enough for Sonic to matter in 2016, mixed with a measure of nostalgia to keep retro-gamers from frothing at the mouth.
Guy Kelly