• 6.21.19

      I Made Meringues Out of My Own Blood and Ate Them

      "I'm not sure how to describe the smell they had."

    • 2.27.14

      Humans Have a Long History of Eating Each Other

      Anthropophagy, the technical term for eating thy neighbor, is the ultimate culinary taboo, one that we claim only the criminally insane or starving and desperate participate in. But there is a 4th group who eat people and live among us known as the...

    • 1.27.13

      He’s Not Dead Yet? Life with Gene Gregorits

      Gene Gregorits is the greatest, truest writer you never heard of, unless you read the news right after he cut off his earlobe and ate it. Twice. How that hurricane of a man ever managed to sit still long enough to complete eight books, including the...