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‘Black Panther’ Is the Best Film Some of Us Will Ever See

Because some black folks have had to deal with self-hatred for way too long.
Noel Ransome
so sad today

I Still Hate Self-Love: Advice from So Sad Today

I hate the expression "self-love," but I've come to understand my own version of it, and that I've maybe been doing some form of it all along.
So Sad Today

Jay Boogie Wants You to Love Yourself

We spoke to the Brooklyn rapper about taking a message of self-acceptance to a spiritual level on his 'Jesus Loves Me Too' mixtape.
Tshepo Mokoena
San Diego Chargers

Security at Qualcomm Investigating Whether Guard was Masturbating on Field During Chargers Game

The security company is investigating what it called an "isolated incident."
Sean Newell
Dirty Bird

Jamal Anderson Allegedly Whipped His Dirty Bird Out in a Convenience Store

It sounds like Jamal Anderson had himself an interesting night at a convenience store. And by interesting we mean: he exposed himself and masturbated.
Sean Newell

​If I’m Not the Worst, What Am I?

I recently published a book largely about myself that wasn't a complete failure. As a result, I've been having some very disturbing thoughts. What if I don't totally suck? What if I'm not the worst person on the planet? What if I do, God forbid...
So Sad Today

Women Who Married Themselves Talk About How It Feels

More and more women are buying into the new-age trend, so we spoke to a few to see if marrying yourself really changes your life.
Hannah Ewens