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Late Capitalism

Workers Who Get Tips Are Closing in on a Massive Raise

Oh, and less wage theft by greedy bosses—but only if the restaurant lobby can be beaten.
Will Greenberg
Views My Own

Servers Deserve Every Penny They Make

Calls to abolish tipping do not consider the social and economic value of the practice.
Lori Fox
My First Time

The First Time I Was Paid for Sex

"I was motivated by a nagging curiosity, a voice in my head I couldn't tune out."
Kaytlin Bailey
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Cleaner

"The worst thing was walking into someone's flat and finding their dead father just lying on the floor."
Friederike Schütt
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Waitress

"A guest once poured champagne over her food and threw sushi around the restaurant. When I asked her what the problem was, she said, 'I've got so much money I could buy your life.'"
Rebecca Baden

Protests Close Out Toronto Bar Where Owner and Employee Are Charged with Gang Sex Assault

Women yelled “We believe her” outside the front steps of College Street Bar, where a woman was allegedly drugged and trapped overnight.
Ebony-Renee Baker

​What Happens When Your Restaurant Side Gig Takes Over Your Life

It was supposed to be a part-time job while I focused on my career. That was five years ago.
Graham Isador
Vice Blog

Working in a High-End Salon Made Me Hate the Rich

And turned me into a monster.
VICE Staff

Things You Learn Working Retail During the Holidays

Christmastime turns an already-awful job into an actual nightmare.
Alison Stevenson

Happy Fucking Birthday, America

A Celebration of All the Sweet Shit That Makes America Fucking Rule
Megan Koester

I’m Fugly, and I Won’t Be Your Waiter Tonight

The food industry employs 10 percent of the American workforce, and many restaurants are breaking anti-discrimination laws by requiring applicants to submit head shots—which means, if you're ugly, you might not get hired.
Tae Yoon