The Pirate Women Who Made Blackbeard Look Like a Joke

A new book reveals the untold history of the ruthless female pirates who terrorized the seven seas.
Seth Ferranti

How 30 Years in Hollywood Made Me a Good Boss

A veteran movie professional’s new book offers practical tips from a lifetime of working behind-the-scenes.
Seth Ferranti

Krampus Is the Fucked-Up Santa America Deserves This Year

We talked to Al Ridenour, the author of 'The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil,' about the goat-hoofed punisher of misbehaving children.
Seth Ferranti

Why the Friendships You Make in Prison Should Stay Behind Bars

In federal prison, you form friendships with gang members, violent men, and a whole slew of drug dealers and users of every variety. What happens after that is sensitive.
Seth Ferranti

How Prisoners Exaggerate and Bullshit About What They'll Do On the Outside

"Inmates tend to have many fruitless conversations. The average, hour-long prison conversation is like this: I lie for 20 minutes, you lie for 20 minutes, and for 20 minutes we discuss each other's lies."
Seth Ferranti

​What It’s Like to Form a Band in Prison

It's rare to find the equipment and playing partners you need to make music behind bars, but a rock trio called the Institution managed it.
Seth Ferranti
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

What Does an Obsession with Serial Killers Say About Us?

From Psycho and In Cold Blood to Charles Manson and the Nazis, mankind just can't stop going wild over gruesome, unthinkable murder.
Seth Ferranti
The Prison Issue

Slammer Slang: The A-to-Z of Prison Lingo

There's a distinct vocabulary unique to the convict class, and I was forced to wrap my head around it very quickly. Here's a primer on the A-to-Z of prison slang to help you out if you ever find yourself in the slammer.
Seth Ferranti
America Incarcerated

I Got Locked Up for 21 Years for Selling LSD

VICE contributor Seth Ferranti explains how the DEA's early-90s crackdown on LSD landed him behind bars for the first two decades of his adult life.
Seth Ferranti

Heroin Overdose Treatments in American Prisons Are Dangerously Old-Fashioned

As heroin use surges among the general public, the drug has become a mainstay in the prison system, where the common overdose treatment Naloxone is still hard to come by.
Seth Ferranti