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Broken Faith: Inside the Catholic Church’s plan to quietly pay survivors of sexual abuse

The compensation programs are spreading just as states are trying to make it easier for child sex abuse victims to sue.


47 Arrested in Undercover Sting Where Decoy 15-Year-Olds Sold Sex

A school trustee, teacher, and firefighter are among seven facing charges after the Creep Catchers-like operation by Vancouver police.


The Best Episodes From All 20 Years of ‘Law & Order: SVU’

I’ve watched all 438 episodes of the infamous sex crime show. Here’s what I learned.


When Recalling the Trauma of Sexual Violence Is Your Best Shot at a Visa

America's U Visa offers hope to survivors of awful crimes, even under Donald Trump. But applying can be its own kind of nightmare.


Montreal police launch sexual assault hotline amid rise in abuse reports

But other police forces in Canada have no plans for a similar phone line


A Complete History of Weird Excuses Given by Accused Public Masturbators

"What are you doing?" is a pretty loaded question when you get right down to it.


How These Male Sexual Assault Survivors Are Helping Other Victims

Daniel Wolstencroft was sexually abused as a child and teen. Now he's set up a project to encourage other men to speak out.


Rape Survivors Are Suing to Have Their Rape Kits Processed

Heather Marlowe's rape kit wasn't processed for two years after her assault. Now, she's suing the San Francisco Police Department for how they handled her case.


Creep Catchers Are Gaining Momentum After Busting a BC Mountie and Sheriff

But the group drew criticism for wrongly identifying an innocent officer as a child predator.


The Young Syrian Women Forced into Sex Slavery

On an all new episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches' we talk to the women who are trafficked into sex slavery after seeking refuge in Lebanon.


Another College Rapist Is Avoiding Prison Time

Austin James Wilkerson raped a "half-conscious" woman after pretending he was going to look after the "fucking bitch," as he later described her. Somehow, he's avoiding prison.