Reason No. 437 to Date Trans Women: Apple Picking

If you’re doing something that involves grabbing things hanging from moderate to great heights, wouldn’t you rather bring a tall girl along?


Just Break Up With People, You Heartless Cowards!!!!

Don't "ghost" or "fizz" or whatever cute term we're currently using to describe avoiding a necessary human conversation.


STI Rates Are Skyrocketing, So Maybe Stop Raw-Dogging Already

A new report from the CDC shows rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are at an all-time high.


Yes, Grief Can Make You Horny

Craving sex is an awkward but deeply human response to one of life's worst moments.


Tiffany Haddish Says She Banged Chingy, and She's Got the Evidence to Prove It

After examining the details presented by Ms. Haddish, it definitely sounds like he put it right thurr.


Hackers Target Sex Forum Exposing Users’ Email Addresses

Hackers stole data from Flirtsexchat, a sex website running vulnerable vBulletin software.


My Hot Trans Girl Summer From Hell

After a life-shattering break up, I tried to find a new, stronger version of myself in sex. Instead, I got caught in a culture of male shame and discretion.


David Letterman's Sex Scandal Still Feels Unresolved 10 Years Later

After the host admitted to sleeping with members of his staff, the world collectively shrugged. But maybe his behavior deserves more scrutiny in the post-#MeToo era.


How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.


Are You Getting Any? I Keep a Spreadsheet of Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With

Data analyst Violet records how many times she has sex with a partner, their location and occupation.


Everyone Back Off and Let Flume Eat Some Burning Man Ass

What happens between one person's mouth and another person's butthole and a crowd of Burning Man attendees is their business.


The Fleshlight Is a Portal to the Future of Sex

The ubiquitous masturbation device marketed to men was ahead of its time—and became the bellwether for a more fluid, inclusive future.