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sex work

How Instagram Banning Stripper-Related Hashtags Hurts Sex Workers

Strippers say the social platform is cutting off their online support networks.
Allison Tierney
sex work

Inside the Secret Home Lives of Sex Workers

Photographer Lindsay Irene has been documenting their lives in hopes of shifting public perception about the industry.
Allison Tierney

A Therapist, a Lawyer, and a Sex Worker Explain What Actually Counts as Cheating

We also spoke to a philosopher and some polyamorous people for good measure.
JS Rafaeli
True North Crime

How a Dismembered Montreal Sex Worker Became a Sensation, Then a Ghost, and Now a Fading Legend

Why Mary Gallagher’s brutal murder became a Montreal ghost story.
Patrick Lejtenyi

We Asked Sex Workers About Their First Day on the Job

Craigslist foot fetishists and porn shoots that put your first day work jitters to shame.
Graham Isador
first-person shooter

What It's Like to Work at a Las Vegas Brothel

In this week's edition of First-Person Shooter, we gave two cameras to Alissa, a sex worker at a legal brothel in Las Vegas. She photographed the space, the ladies, and told us a bit about her unique, adults-only lifestyle.
Julian Master

How a Tattoo on My Vagina Helped Me Finally Relax During Sex

I was always worried what men would think when they went "down there."
Kaytlin Bailey

What You Can Learn About Charming People from a Dominatrix

At some point, you're going to have to get people to listen to you—whether at college, work, or with your housemates—and this isn't the worst place to start.
Margaret Corvid

Being a Sex Worker Was Easy, Telling My Dad Was Hard

"I almost believed he would have an easier time accepting me as a murderer than a whore."
Kaytlin Bailey

The South African Sex Workers Fighting Abusive Police

In South Africa, assaults are rarely reported to the authorities because sex workers know if they ask for help they will be ignored or even punished, especially if the perpetrators are police officers.
Max Daly

What It's Like to Run a Life Drawing Class Where the Models Are Sex Workers

Meet the woman who runs a life drawing class in a dingy London pub where dildos and thongs are part of the basic scenery.
Daisy Bata; Photos: Chris Bethell

A Sex Worker Recounts Her Three Worst Clients

The "surprise butthole" was probably one of my worst clients. He just went straight in while I had my back turned. It was a really sudden pain, and I turned around and slapped him in the face yelling "That's not ok!"