sexual abuse

sexual abuse

A Police Training Program Has Been Plagued By Sexual Abuse Allegations

A survivor recounts years of alleged abuse in the Police Explorers programs, part of the Boy Scouts of America.
Tess Owen

Children’s Aid Fires Lawyer Who Called 14-Year-Old Girl a ‘Sexually Mature Young Woman

The lawyer’s statement prompted outrage among many legal experts and social workers who engage with vulnerable youth in Ontario.
Rachel Browne
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"We have so few priests": Young Catholics are afraid for the future of the Church

The Catholic Church’s summit on protecting children was supposed to be a significant event.
Hind Hassan
Sean Stephens

'He Was a Sexual Predator' Says Director of New Michael Jackson Doc

Dan Reed, director of 'Leaving Neverland,' spoke to us about his new film, which details allegations of sexual misconduct against the king of pop.
Josiah Hesse
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Somehow, the Catholic Church Is Still Getting Worse

The latest horrific revelations of sexual abuse unpunished show, yet again, that the Church's first tactic is to make excuses and hide.
Alex Norcia
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The CEO of Feminist Apparel confessed to sexual misconduct and then fired his whole staff

We spoke to the CEO of Feminist Apparel and his former employees to see what redemption looks like in the age of the internet

The Soon-Yi Previn Interview Is a New Kind of Anti-#MeToo Piece

Must every man be rehabilitated?
Nicole Clark

Former Taliban Hostage Accuses Canadian Husband of Abuse

Caitlan Coleman claims that her husband, Joshua Boyle, abused her while they were held in captivity in Afghanistan.
Mack Lamoureux
Uck Parties

An 'Uck Party' Is Child Sexual Exploitation Under a New Name

Recently, multiple charities have issues warnings about uck parties – where young girls are coerced into giving men oral sex – but campaigners tell VICE we need to see them for what they are.
Poppy Noor
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Why Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Is So Hard to Stop

The latest horrific report came from Pennsylvania, but it won't be the last one, thanks in part to an insane lobby standing in the way.
Allie Conti
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Watch Aly Raisman Give a Powerful ESPYs Speech Next to 140 Sexual Assault Survivors

"Your truth does matter, you matter, and you are not alone."
Drew Schwartz

ICE just deported 25 Somalis who said they were physically and sexually abused in detention

The migrants, part of a group of 113 Africans set for deportation, boarded a plane in Texas on Thursday bound for South Sudan.
Josh Marcus