sexual orientation

The September Stories Issue

What Does the Word 'Queer' Even Mean Today?

How much does what we call ourselves matter when it comes to how and whom we love?
Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Why People Are Fighting to Get Polyamory Recognized as a Sexual Orientation

A global debate over whether polyamory is something we do or something we are has challenged our ideas of identity, sexual rights, and their legal limits.
Neil McArthur

Gay Men Tell Us Why They Wouldn't Choose to Be Straight

"I like who I am and wouldn't want to change that. At the same time, I would like it if the world just accepted me the way I am."
Franz Lichtenegger

A New Paradise: The Gender Fluid Tribes of the Colombian Amazon

Sensual, transgressive, and playful portraits of the Ticuna tribe in Colombia.
Nelson Morales
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Half of Young People in the UK Say They're Not Completely Straight

Forty-three percent of 18- to 24-year-olds in the UK said they were somewhere between totally gay and totally straight.
Amelia Abraham

Heartbreak Is Hard, Even When Your Lover Is the Eiffel Tower

Objectum sexuals are people who fall in love with objects, but that doesn't mean their relationships are free from drama and pain.
Nell Frizzell

We Went to a Convention for Gay Police Officers in Berlin

The image of the gay cop has been fetishized to death over the last few decades. Tom of Finland, Village People, George Michael, and so many others have done their darndest to cement the homo cop into the public psyche, but it's a safe bet that none of...
Stefan Lauer

Sandusky Will Die in Prison, and We Talked to a Pedophilia Expert

A judge in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania sentenced Jerry Sandusky to 30 to 60 years behind bars today. We spoke to Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University who believes pedophilia is a sexual orientation, similar to homosexuality or...
Vinnie Rotondaro