Shania Twain

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Watch Kacey Musgraves and Harry Styles Cover Shania Twain

The pair performed "You're Still The One" from 1997's 'Come On Over' at Madison Square Garden.
Shaad D’Souza
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A New Shania Twain Interview Raises Questions About Nuance Online

Twain told The Guardian about both her experience of childhood sexual abuse and her views on Trump – though only one of those topics made the headlines.
Lauren O'Neill
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Here Is a Song Made Up Entirely of Shania Twain's Facebook Page Comments

YouTube comedy-songwriter Hot Dad sings the strangeness of the comment section, with every spelling mistake intact.
Alex Robert Ross
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Harry Styles Says Shania Twain Is His Main Fashion Influence

Looks like Shania has majorly impacted Harry's Styles.
Lauren O'Neill
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Watch Shania Twain Glide on A Sled Through Michael Bay Explosions

Nothing but respect for MY Prime Minister.
Sarah MacDonald

Shania Twain on Confidence, Consent, and 20 Years of 'Come on Over'

"It's not a sense a pride, it's a sense of independence. I can't think of anything worse than not being self-sufficient."
Sarah MacDonald
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The VICE Interview: Shania Twain

The 90s singer on working in McDonald's, all-nighters and the way she got into the music industry.
Nick Levine
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Here's Why Brad Pitt Didn't Impress Shania Twain Much

Answers, finally.
Lauren O'Neill
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Hear a Haim-ified Version of Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much"

The band played the song on the excellently named "Like A Version" radio segment.
Lauren O'Neill
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Shania Twain Returns With First New Music in 15 Years, We Weep

Has a legend ever really returned if they've been in your heart this entire time?
Sarah MacDonald
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Shania Twain's Twitter Is a Magical Refuge in a Terrible World

Life is short, but Shania Twain is everlasting.
Sarah MacDonald

Here Are All the Canadian Women Worthy of Being on the New Banknotes

Sorry Tonya Harding.
Lisa Power