Trump's "largest ever sanctions" on North Korea may not matter

Experts said the sheer number of sanctioned entities is indeed large, but they also said it’s unclear whether the sanctions will have much impact.


Looks Like Someone Lost a Giant Noah's Ark

The massive floating Bible museum wreaked havoc on a small fishing port in the Netherlands.


Refugee Rescue Boat Tries to Rescue Stranded Anti-Refugee Activists

"To help those who are in distress is the duty of everyone who is at sea—no matter their origins, skin color, religion, or views," the rescue group's chairman said.


What Would Happen in the Hours and Minutes After a US-China War Started?

No one in their right mind wants the US and China to go to war, but let's face it: They could. Here's what the first day would look like.


People and Pineapples Aboard the Oldest Functioning Passenger Ferry

The present reclaims the past on a German warship in Tanzania.


What It's Like to See the World for Almost No Money by Traveling on Container Ships

Are you flexible about time? Are you cool with being rocked out of bed by a storm? Container ship travel might be for you!


The Truman Show: 55 Hours Aboard US Aircraft Carrier Harry S. Truman

"A lot of people lose their shit out here."


Photos of Sailors Taking Over the City During NYC's Fleet Week

Fleet Week functions as a kick-off to summer and the chance for New Yorkers and tourists to take some pretty amazing sailor selfies.


Inside Somaliland’s Pirate Rehab

If you've ever wondered what happened to all those pirates who were terrorizing boats—including Tom Hanks'—off the coast of Somalia a while back, many of them got scooped up and sent to a prison in Somaliland with a focus on rehabilitation.


Tall Ships: “Gallop”

A glass half empty.