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Summer Is Over, Clean Your Own Dang Pond

Photos an LA pond scum cleaner took on the job before he called his boss and quit.
Julian Master

Here’s Everything That’s Going to Happen in Your First Shitty Office Job

Everyone has a first shitty office job. You just need to survive it.
Joel Golby

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Summer Job

Welcome to the world of adulthood, where long hours, letting your friends mooch off you, and babysitting horrible teens is your new reality.
Drew Millard

My Time as a Hostess in a Sleazy Chinese Karaoke Den

It was some of the easiest money I'd ever made—all I had to do was dodge the hands of my drunken, amorous clients.
Marge Vaseline

What I Learned As a Children's Birthday Party Edutainer

Every week, I'd dress up as a Mad Scientist and entertain children with lab experiments like melting a Styrofoam cup with nail polish remover. As embarrassing as it was, it made me feel important.
Heather Dockray

What's It's Like to Get Paid to Stand Outside in a Statue of Liberty Outfit

It isn't an easy gig, but those who do the work usually don't have a whole lot of other options.
Peter Rugh

Everything You Need to Know About Working a Minimum Wage Job

​I've been working low-paying jobs for a long, long time. Here's what I've learned.
Laurence Rivers

Young Working People are Now More Likely to Live in Poverty Than Old People in the UK

The face of poverty in the UK is changing. Fast.
Joel Golby

Fuck Working in a Call Center

In my experience, the majority of people who pick up the phone during the day are conversation-starved elderly people. Trying to bully money out of them makes you feel like a sociopath.
Owen Shipton

Scaring People for a Living Will Drive You to Daytime Drinking

Being locked underground all day with the same people led to an uneasy sense of proximity between colleagues. This, coupled with the stress, boredom, and constant drinking, meant that it took little time for members of staff to start fucking each other.
Laurence Rivers, Marta Parszeniew

Visiting the Deadly Shipbreaking Yards of Bangladesh

Bangladesh's shipbreaking industry poses threats to the environment and its workers' lives, but it makes a lot of money. Workers dream of escaping, but it's almost impossible to get out.
Liza Jansen

Confessions of a Drug Dealer's Delivery Service Guy

When I was offered the chance to deliver pot for a weed delivery service, I had to accept the job. I always wanted to be cool, and as a drug dealer, I imagined coolness would seep out of every pore of my skin. Unfortunately, within a year of playing...
Cris Lankenau