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Indigenous water crisis

Canada's Indigenous water crisis

Since 2015, VICE News Canada has been documenting the fight to bring clean drinking water to all First Nations across Canada.
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Trudeau won’t be able to keep his promise on clean water for First Nations, human rights groups warn

The Prime Minister promised to end water advisories on reserves across Canada within five years — but human rights groups say he’s unlikely to meet that
Hilary Beaumont

Ottawa will double funding for an access road to this remote Indigenous community

The extra $10 million will help connect this Manitoba First Nation to the rest of the country
Hilary Beaumont

Trudeau Government Pledges $4 Million to End Unsafe Water Advisories on 14 Reserves

Liberals hope funding will make a dent in 132 unsafe water advisories on 89 reserves.
Hilary Beaumont

Watch Our New VR Documentary ‘Cut-Off’

Our documentary on struggle and hope for youth in remote Indigenous communities, which brought Justin Trudeau to Shoal Lake 40, is now an immersive and interactive experience.
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Behind the Scenes of Justin Trudeau’s Visit to Shoal Lake 40 with 'CUT-OFF' Host Sarain Carson-Fox

CUT-OFF meets Indigenous youth who grew up without drinking water.
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After 18 Years Without Clean Water, Canadian Government Finally Steps Up to Help Community

The Liberals are putting $10-million towards a water treatment plant for Shoal Lake 40.
Hilary Beaumont

These People Haven't Had Clean Water to Drink for 20 Years in Canada

Hilary Beaumont
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Canada's Waterless Communities: Shoal Lake 40

VICE News travels to Shoal Lake 40—a First Nations community two hours away from Winnipeg, that has been under drinking-water advisory for 17 years but sits on a lake that supplies drinking water to Winnipeg.
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Conservative MP Confuses Party’s Own Spin With Commitment to Fund Shoal Lake 40’s Freedom Road

The Conservatives still don't support a road that would help give a First Nation a water treatment plant.
Hilary Beaumont

Trudeau Promises $10M After Crowdfunding Effort Begins for First Nation's Access Road

The residents of Shoal Lake 40 have endured a boiled water advisory for almost 20 years.
Hilary Beaumont

This First Nation Is Crowdfunding to Build an Access Road Because the Federal Government Won’t Pony Up Enough Cash

Shoal Lake 40 has been under an 18-year boil-water advisory. The feds are only willing to kick in $1 million in design costs for the $30-million project.
Hilary Beaumont