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Has ISIS Learned to Weaponize America's Homegrown Spree Killers?

Or was Omar Mateen just a very scary, successful murderer? Or both?


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The things the alleged Charleston shooter reportedly said to his victims might give prosecutors cause to bust out the T-word.


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There are explicit plans to murder people in James Holmes's journal. But does any of the material suggest the guy behind the Aurora murders is "not guilty by reason of insanity"?


Why Did This Nevada Prison Have More Than 200 Shooting Incidents in Five Years?

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A Tour of the Spots Where Officers in LA Killed Unarmed People in 2014

A look back at deadly police violence in Los Angeles, where six unarmed men were killed by the cops.


A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers

While it can't be said that the first post-Elliot-Rodger killing spree had a female perpetrator — killing sprees are just too common for that — the fact that one of these killers wasn't a dude makes for at least an interesting footnote.