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Read These Surreal Short Stories About a Talking Hyena and an Assassination Attempt

'The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington' shows the writer at the height of her fantastical, macabre powers.
Leonora Carrington
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'Virgin and Other Stories' Is a Brilliant Book About Sex and God in the South

We caught up with debut author April Ayers Lawson to talk about her beautifully disturbing new collection of stories.
David Gordon
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J. K. Rowling Was Just Kidding About Not Writing Anymore Harry Potter Books

The author is coming out with three new short stories set in the wizarding world this September.
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Brian Evenson’s Writing Is as Brutal as It Is Beautiful

Evenson's universe of psycho-cerebral horror is so unsettling that it has the ability to make something about the room in which you read him seem off.
Blake Butler

Author Ottessa Moshfegh on Phoniness, Power, and Aligning Yourself with 'Rich White People'

We caught up with the author to talk about her new novel and how she sees her popularity as similar to how people like cronuts.
Rita Bullwinkel

John McManus Wrote the Best Short Story About a Thomas Jefferson Clone You’ll Read This Year

We spoke to the author of "Fox Tooth Heart" about his long break from publication and why shame is the most powerful and revealing emotion.
Michael Hafford
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

'Advice for the Haunted': Fiction by Rachel Swearingen

In this new story from Rachel Swearingen, a young couple buys a Lincoln Park flat and lives among the deceased former owner's belongings... and spirit.
Rachel Swearingen
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Padgett Powell Is American Letters' Oddest Elder Statesman

We met the author to talk about his new collection <i>Cries for Help</i>, the absurdity of the publishing industry, and his position as a literary veteran.
Aaron Calvin

​John Keene’s 'Counternarratives’ Rewires History with Imagination

We spoke to the author about his vividly imagined and vitally timed collection, 'Counternarratives.'
Blake Butler

The Absurdity of America Is Captured in Joy Williams’s Stories

The dark, funny-sad stories in her new collection 'The Visiting Privilege' are both a warning and an offering to a country in distress.
Shane Jones
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'Beneath the National Palace of Culture': Fiction by Garth Greenwell

One of the hardest stories to write is a love story. It's difficult to render chemistry in writing, and it's particularly difficult to capture one-way obsessions, or unrequited love. This story does.
Garth Greenwell
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Read a Story from Lucia Berlin's 'A Manual for Cleaning Women'

A story from the new collection by the great but not widely appreciated writer.
Lucia Berlin