I'm Addicted to Silent Meditation and I've Never Felt Better

Vipassana retreats offer ten days of meditation with no talking, reading, cell phones, or jerking off. I recently went on my fifth.


I Feel at Home in the Isolation of Wrekmeister Harmonies' New Album

The experimental doom/drone duo's new LP was created in isolation, and makes me homesick for the once-familiar sound of silence.


The Best Jesus Movies on Netflix to Watch Over Easter

Because the Easter Bunny doesn’t have a thing.


I Locked Myself in a Soundproof Room to See How Long I Would Last in Absolute Silence

In the end, the silence was a little too loud for me.


Khalid Joins Marshmello for "Silence," a Song That Doesn't Suck

"Silence" is an unlikely collaboration that works because Khalid is on it. It's cheating, basically.


Feeling, Florist and Finding Space to Be Quiet

When city life grates on me like a million Jimmy Carrs laughing in unison, Florist's albums have become a third home.


Report: Nobody Wants to Play at Trump’s Inauguration

Sources told The Wrap that they’re “willing to pay anything,” but musicians are still not forthcoming.


The Trailer for Scorsese's 'Silence' Looks Like Beautiful Oscar-Bait

The movie follows two Jesuit missionaries who take a dangerous journey through 17th-century Japan to spread the word of God and search for their mentor.


How Not to Be a Dick on the Subway

It seems like a good time for a refresher course in London Underground etiquette, given that everyone keeps masturbating and doing cocaine on it.


Ten Days of Silent Meditation Will Make You Trip Balls and Lust After Puppies

A Vipassana is a silent prison that you enter of your own free will. You can't talk, read, use your phone, or masturbate, until you've finished ten days of meditating for ten hours each day.


I Went to a Silent Speed-Dating Night

The silent speed-dating event "Shhh" supposedly creates "a deeper, instantaneous connection" between lonely people looking for love.