Single Mothers


Single Mothers' Drew Thomson Sobered Up to Make the Best Punk of His Career

The notoriously volatile frontman has watched many of his peers find success, as his bands kept screwing up and breaking up. But with a newfound focus on The Drew Thomson Foundation, he’s making some of the best work of his career.
Graham Isador

Single Mothers Are Somehow Even Angrier on Their Surprise New Album

On the Ontario band's third album, 'Through a Wall,' frontman Drew Thomson is more sober but no less antagonistic.
Dan Ozzi

Single Mothers Are Anything But On The Loud And Ironically Titled "Undercover"

"I know we won’t please everyone and to be honest that’s the last thing I want to do."
Graham Isador

Single Mothers' Drew Thomson Speaks On the Appeal of Being an Asshole

Drew Thomson is who he is. For better or worse.
Graham Isador
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part one, we meet British protesters fighting rapid gentrification in the UK, hoping for the chance to live in housing-crisis-hit Newham, England.
Vice Beta

Why I Would Never Vote for a Women-Only Political Party

Mike Buchanan is running for office in the UK with his feminist-hating political party, Justice for Men and Boys. But what good do single-issue political parties actually do?
Eleanor Morgan
2014 in Review

Noisey Canada's Top 10 Projects of 2014

This is it, this is what you've been holding your breath for. We finally gift you this top ten list to take you into the holidays!
Juliette Jagger
Slava Pastuk
Michael Rancic
Greg Bouchard
2014 in Review

The Eh List: Noisey Canada's Top Six Projects of 2014 - Juliette Jagger

Daniel Lanois, Biblical, and Arkelles made Juliette's list, but who did the rock n' roll critic choose as the number one pick?
Juliette Jagger

Single Mothers Channeled Small Town Frustration Into an Album

The key for the London, Ontario band turned out to be getting the hell out of London, Ontario.
Juliette Jagger

Justin Townes Earle: Living for the Tiny Revelations

The singer-songwriter is now sober, happily married, and back with a beautiful new record called 'Single Mothers.'
Eric Sundermann

Justin Townes Earle's "Time Shows Fools" Is Here to Help You Drift Away into the Afternoon

It comes from his upcoming album 'Single Mothers.'
Eric Sundermann