Canadian Man Arrested After Allegedly Boiling Human Bones, Drinking the Cursed Broth

There are lots of ways to make bone broth, but none of them should start with robbing a grave.
Jelisa Castrodale
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This Woman Decorated Her Lawn Like a Concentration Camp for Halloween

Complete with Hitler-saluting skeletons and an "arbeit macht frei" sign.
Drew Schwartz

Inside a Creepy Old Vancouver House Full of Dead Bodies

They’re mostly taxidermied animals, but there’s also a human skeleton named Cecilia.
Sarah Berman

Has Donald Trump Made It Easier for Future Politicians to Deal with Scandal?

Every politician used to worry about skeletons in their closet, but thanks to Trump we might be moving into a post-shame era.
Tess Reidy
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A Blind Woman May Have Accidentally Lived with Her Son's Corpse for Decades

Authorities found a fully-intact skeleton lying on a mattress inside the woman's home—still dressed in socks, jeans, and a T-shirt.
VICE Staff

VICE Cartoonists Remember Their Worst Halloween Costumes

Who among us hasn't donned a cheap skeleton costume, Where's Waldo outfit, or World War I metal saucer helmet?
Nick Gazin
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Meet the Living People Who Collect Dead Human Remains

Skeleton collections aren't just for museums and science labs. We talked to a few private collectors in the business of gathering human remains.
Simon Davis

I Took a Clairvoyant to the Excavation Site of a Mass Burial Pit for Plague Victims

She said she was "speaking" to the spirit of a boy who'd died during the Great Plague and been buried under Liverpool Street, along with 3,000 others.
Frankie Mullin

Executioner and Friend: Butts Are Funny

The Giegerich and his slime monster friend are in some sort of fantasy forest and a giant monster tries to eat them. Highly recommended for fans of Prison Pit.
Jimmy Giegerich

Go See the Slime Lord

Jimmy Giegerich takes us to the world of the Slime Lord in this colorful fantasy comic set in an underground world of caverns and violence.
Jimmy Giegerich

​Learning to Read Corpses at the Texas State Body Farm

I talked with Dr. Daniel Wescott, director of the Texas State Forensic Anthropology Center, about how bodies decompose in the wild and what our bones say about us.
Roc Morin

Looking at the Ancient Catholic Practice of Turning Human Bones into Art and Furniture

Sedlec Ossuary, a Roman Catholic chapel in the Czech Republic, purports to have one of every type of human bone in its collection of skeletons. In many cases, these bones were refashioned into art pieces or furniture pieces like chandeliers. We talked...
Josh Androsky