sleep disorders


Why Can't We All Take Modafinil?

The world's favourite smart drug is much safer than Adderall and a promising treatment for substance abuse and neurodegenerative disorders—so why can't we use it?
Daniel Oberhaus

I Tried to Cure My Insomnia by Listening to My Own Voice in My Sleep

Every night, I listened to a recording of my own voice repeating: "I will sleep so deeply tonight; I will have a restful night and wake up feeling awake and alert."
Harriet Alida Lye

How I Learned to Live with Sleep Paralysis and the Terror That Comes with It

My condition means I have to live with numb limbs, silent screams, and demons that sit on my chest.
Geoffrey, as told to Mathieu Portogallo

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Is Keeping Me Awake at Night

The sound of my sister's screams wakes me up at night, but my sister isn't there.
Michael Segalov

An Interview with a Guy Who Can't Sleep Because He Is Afraid of Dying

It sounds funny but it's awful.
Blanca Talavera
Vice Blog

Sexsomnia in Canada Is Complicated and Frightening

Toronto-based forensic psychiatrist Dr. Julian Gojer said sexsomnia is a term for sexual activity that takes place when a person is sleeping. To paraphrase a piece published by our friends over at Motherboard, sexsomnia is like sleepwalking, but...
Kristy Hoffman

My Head Exploded and Now I Understand Noise Music

Exploding Head Syndrome doesn't have the volume of, say, a My Bloody Valentine show, which is noise you experience as vibrations traveling through the air and hitting your eardrum—this is sound as an internal, hallucinatory specter that bypasses the...
Jeremy D. Larson