Small Town


What It’s Like Being in a Sex Club in Canada’s North

Welcome to Yellowknife, where everyone knows your kink.


Volunteers Under Fire

All over the US and Canada, rural communities are grappling with how to provide vital emergency services to citizens amid rapid population migration into cities.


This Town Just Wants Its Toddler-Flipping, Tattooed Mall Santa Back

An army of Santa Scott's fans are outraged after a Pennsylvania mall told him to tone down his photoshoots.


We Asked People Who Left Cities For Small Towns If They’re Happier

"You’re working to live as opposed to living to work."


What It’s Like to Transition in a Small Town

For a transgender father, kids are fast learners. Neighbours, less so.


Fight for Gay Rights Far from Over at Small Town Manitoba Pride March

There weren't any floats at Steinbach's first-ever two-block "parade"—but there were plenty of religious signs.


Lynchian Photographs from a Small Town in the Smoky Mountains

Tim Schutsky teamed up with collaborator Keren Shavit to capture the slippery area between fiction and reality in 'The Odds of Being Born.'


A Day in the Life of a James Dean Impersonator

Photographer Reto Sterchi followed Scott Brimigion as he competed in the famous James Dean lookalike contest in the icon's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana.


Settling Down or Just Settling: Do Small Towns Trump the Big City?

At 30, I realized my big-city media career may not have been as fulfilling as my old friends' quiet lives back home. Goddamnit.


The Politics of Running the Only Tattoo Shop in a Small Town

You need good manners and a willingness to tattoo a dick.


Argentina’s Rural Stores Are a Fraying Link to the Past

In rural communities, local stores function as post offices, museums, and social hubs. But they may not be around much longer.


Fashion Cat Gets Right with God

In this week's comic, drawn by Australian wunderkind HTML Flowers, Fashion Cat finds himself in Lincoln, Illinois, where the only two things to do are smoke meth or go to church. But why choose just one?