How to Tell If Your Expensive Sneakers Are Fakes

If you’re going to spend $1,300 on Yeezys, let Yu-Ming Wu take a look at them first
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Some People Are Irrationally Attached to Their Running Shoes

I'm from a tribe of sorts, made up of runners who are very superstitious about their sneakers.
Alexandra Spiroff
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Thirty Years Strong: Nike Air Max Remains Iconic Sports Fashion Piece

In terms of actual functional running shoes, it's tough to think of a product other than the Air Max that is still deemed cool fashion wear.
Corey Erdman
Sports Fashion

Thirty Years Strong: Nike Air Max Remains Iconic Sports Fashion Piece

Nike revolutionized the running shoe with its launch of the Air Max 1.
Corey Erdman

VICE Sports Q&A: Sonny Vaccaro Talks Sneakers, NCAA Amateurism, and Basketball

Sonny Vaccaro talks about his early days in the shoe business, the hypocrisy of the NCAA, and what it was like to sign Michael Jordan
Larry Burnett

The Heaven's Gate Nikes and the Sneakerheads Who Collect Them

From nondescript dad shoes to rare collectors item, all thanks to a mass suicide.
Justin Caffier

FIFTEEN YEARS OF SB DUNK: Stories from the Inside Out

The new documentary from Nike SB and Vice Sports tells the inside story of the SB Dunk from shop owners, collaborators, and skateboarders who made the shoe a legend.
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Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock Unveils New Winter Sneakers; Proceeds Will Go to Planned Parenthood

“Given the outcome of our current election, it’s gonna get a lot colder before we can feel that summer sun again.”
Alex Robert Ross

New Balance Sneakers Back Trump's Presidency

Desus and Mero talk about how the sneaker brand makes the least-woke kicks around on the latest episode of their late night VICELAND talk show.
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Move Over Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins Also Has Ugly New Sneakers

Andrew Wiggins and Adidas join the "What are thoooooose??" brigade.
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Why These Sneakers Cost as Much as a Car

An in-depth look at how people end up spending tens of thousands of dollars for sneakers that might've originally retailed for a hundred dollars.
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The Spurs' Terrifying Rise: COOKIES 003 with Dev Hynes and Ethan Silverman

On the latest COOKIES, hosts Ben Detrick and Jordan Redaelli talk Rajon Rondo, the San Antonio Spurs, and more with musician Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Ethan Silverman of Terrible Records.
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