This British Versus American Sniper Debate Is a Bizarre Form of Patriotic Dick-Swinging

Neither Chris Kyle nor the Sun's anonymous British marine is actually the best sniper ever. But it's a weird point of pride either way.
Joel Golby

Canadian Special Forces Shot At ISIS Terrorists In Iraq

They have, for the first time, exchanged gunfire with ISIS on the front lines of the war in Iraq.
Ben Makuch

Can You Spot the Snipers in These Photos?

Simon Menner's pictures are like Where's Waldo? but, instead of an odd guy in a striped shirt, you're looking for German Army snipers who are masters of camouflage.
Simon Menner

The FBI Said Last Year's Coordinated Attack on a Power Grid Was Not Terrorism

A coordinated sniper attack on an electrical substation in San Jose, California, seemed to have all the telltale signs of an act of terrorism, but the FBI disagreed. No matter what it was, the incident highlights the vulnerability of America's...
Jules Suzdaltsev

A Canadian Branch of Anonymous Is Standing Up for Anti-Fracking Protesters

They're particularly mad about an RCMP officer who, at the protest, said: "crown land belongs to the government, not to fucking Natives."
Patrick McGuire

Long Shot: Inside the Scope of Smart Weapons

Watch Motherboard's new documentary on smart weapons, the gamification of warfare, and a laser-guided robo-rifle that aims itself.
VICE Staff
ground zero

Syria - Snipers of Aleppo

Over the last six months the FSA and the battle for Aleppo has transitioned from a full-on frontline assault into a slow-paced but still deadly sniper war. Photographer and videographer Robert King recently returned to the conflict-ravaged city to meet...
Robert King

The Robot That's Going to Save Syrians from Assad's Snipers

Sniper alleys are rife in Syria. Streets manned silently by Assad's gunmen, the specific locations of these death traps often aren't known until someone takes a wrong turn and gets shot. A dire side effect of these alleys is that after the snipers fire...
Emma Beals

Leo Justi - "O Homen Mau (Sniper Queen)"

Patrolling through the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro, Sniper Queen wears his unmistakable fur coat with shinny wrestling tights, portraying himself as a super-hero figure with a sniper rifle.
Noisey Staff