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This Is What Happens When You Launch a Slice of Pizza into Space

It's a drone! It's a solar plane! It's... a single slice of classic cheese 'za mounted to a weather balloon that's pumping EDM into the heavens? When we caught wind of what the band Anamanaguchi had cooking for their new video, we had be there to see...


The Space Suit Makers

We met two guys who are creating the next generation of space suits from scratch, something that has traditionally taken teams of people to achieve.


Valley of the UFOs

We went to Hooper, Colorado (population: 105) to investigate some of the stranger things that have gone down there—from shooting stars to strange weather patterns to aliens descending to Earth in extraterrestrial space pods.


Open Source Outer Space

Anyone with enough brains and balls can build their own rocket and fly it to space. Or at least that’s what the non-profit, open source space project Copenhagen Suborbitals wants the world to realize. They're determined to create the first homemade...


The Satellite Hunter

We went to Paris to interview premier amateur astrophotographer Thierry Legault about his new venture: tracking spy satellites. It’s a story of mutual surveillance, adept tracking, and one man’s quest to do things that nobody has done before.


Spaced Out: The Artstronaut

Nicholas Forker is a maestro of the ballpoint pen. One day I was walking by the half-way open door of his art studio in Bushwick and noticed astronauts on the wall. Drawings and ink paintings of astronauts in a variety of mundane positions – sitting on...


Spaced Out: Making Mars with Tom Sachs

Artist Tom Sachs has recreated an entire four-week mission to Mars with little more than wood, glue and household objects. Working with Nasa and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, his studio built go-kart rovers, a model rocket, and a giant lunar excursion...