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violent times

The Ex-Commando Who Reenacts His War on a Paintball Field

“If it’s no use worrying, what’s the point of crying?”
Mahmood Fazal
private security

Canada is using private intelligence contractors for its special forces

Recently engaged in a covert mission in Iraq, Canada’s special forces are contracting private spy advice.
Ben Makuch
private armies

Trudeau government spends millions on the mercenary firm formerly known as 'Blackwater'

Canada has spent nearly $4 million on Academi’s training services since the Liberals came to power, despite the firm being linked to alleged war crimes.
Ben Makuch

How Special Forces Bury the True Cost of America's Wars

When specialized (and glorified) units do the dirty work—and sustain the casualties—the normal political constraints on military power are lost.
Jacob Siegel

Canada announces more than $60 billion in new defence spending

Special forces, armed drones, and cyberwar are all a part of Ottawa's new defence plan
Justin Ling
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Cory Booker to testify against fellow senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Yahoo likely to change its name to Altaba, fear spreads of a crackdown on dissent in Pakistan, and more.
VICE Staff

New Video Appears to Show Canadian Special Forces in Battle Against ISIS Near Mosul

It definitely looks like our commandos are directly in combat with the Islamic State, not just "advising."
Ben Makuch

This Scrapyard Contains the World’s Second-Largest Air Force

A tour of "the Boneyard," where old planes sit baking in the Arizona desert heat, waiting to be recycled or transported to US allies.
Roc Morin