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Why We’re Still Addicted To ‘Rocket League,' One Year Later

Psyonix's muscle-cars-and-massive-balls game has been a mainstay of our evenings since it came out, and we're not about to break the habit any time soon.
Mike Diver, David Whelan and Joel Golby

Come On, EA, Make ‘Skate 4’ Already

No single game is more requested of the company, so it's time to give the people what they want.
Emma Quinlan
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‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ Is Overpriced and Underwhelming

Nintendo's latest tennis sim is OK with friends, but solo players will quickly lose interest in its limited game modes.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

The Madden Games Are Now as Much RPGs as They Are Sports Sims

"Madden NFL '16" is pushing experience points to the forefront of the game, allowing players to get deeper into the fantasy of running their favorite teams.
Jason Nawara
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How Playing ‘FIFA’ Helps Men Deal with Their Feelings

Most men don't really know what the fuck to do with their feelings. Unless, of course, they're playing a soccer video game.
Sam Diss
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Real-Life Sports Are Much Better When They’re Video Games

There's no denying it: take controllers and immediate access to chips out of the equation and a bunch of these things are dull as fuck.
Ian Dransfield
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‘Madden’ Is the Game That Introduced Me to My Favourite Sport

Football makes next to no sense to beginners, but the video games it inspires help to cut through the language barrier.
Matt Porter