• 10.13.14

      Revisiting the Greatest LSD-Aided Athletic Performance of All Time

      A new film tells the story of Dock Ellis, a pitcher who fought the baseball establishment, partied harder than anyone else in the sport, and supposedly threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid.

    • 8.6.12

      Wide World of Balls - So Phelps Is a Jock

      Selected highlights from last week in balls: Michael Phelps went out in a blaze of glory, the US basketball team came close to getting whupped, Mike Trout is faster than a Slayer record, Missy Franklin did a dumb thing, the Phillies are no good and...

    • 8.2.12

      Fantasy Football Draft Prep, Part 1 - Fake Quarterbacks

      There are “experts” whose job it is to pretend to know more about the likelihood of certain future football guy-related events than you, but they don't really know. You should palm off that knowledge as your own when you’re talking to your friends...

    • 7.16.12

      Wide World of Balls - Penn State of Abuse

      The biggest story of the week was the Freeh report, which are the findings written by some dude from the FBI, who did it at the behest of the Penn State board of trustees. The report found that Joe Paterno, the coach with the glasses, had an idea of...

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