The Story of Sriracha Is the Story of America

The trajectory of David Tran's success—and the backlash he's gotten for being "inauthentic"—embody the realities of being an immigrant entrepreneur in America.
Brian Gray and Connie Lo
Asking for Friend

Is Your Insane Chili Sauce Habit Destroying Your Stomach?

Or your butthole?
Patia Braithwaite
Vice Blog

A Definitive Ranking of America's Fast-Food Buffalo Sauces

I am here to serve.
Jean-Luc Bouchard
VICE Premiere

Johnny May Cash's 'My Last Days' Wouldn't Be the Worst Rap Song to Hear Before You Die

The video for the song involves a kid getting ruthlessly capped outside of a cornerstore. If he had known it was his last snack run, would he have gotten the same munchies? Maybe he would have opted for those special edition Sriracha Lays instead.
Zach Sokol

Sriracha Aged in Whiskey Barrels Is Better Than the Original Sauce

When I first wrote about how I was dealing with the now-lifted sriracha ban, I got the strangest responses on how to enjoy the sauce. But one woman is making a version that makes the plastic-bottle stuff look like child's play.
Angelina Fanous

How I'm Dealing with the Sriracha Ban

Huy Fong Foods, the company that produces the popular hot sauce, has a temporary hold on production until mid-January. Luckily, there's one liquor company that's making Sriracha-infused vodka in the meantime. Naturally, I got wasted on Sriracha vodka...
Angelina Fanous
Longreads Or Whatever

No Band Loves Anything As Much As O'Brother Loves Sriracha

We joined the Atlanta band for a pre-show pho dinner.
Dan Ozzi