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All the Things You Can Do Instead of Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Live! Your! Life!
VICE Staff

St. Paddy’s Rager Takes Over City, Nets Partiers More Than 200 Charges

Let those among us who have not released ‘bodily emissions’ in public cast the first stone.
Mack Lamoureux
st patricks day

I Spent St. Patrick's Day at the Taco Bell "Club" in Vegas

Because why not?
Justin Caffier

Bacon Won’t Save You: A Semi-Scientific Guide to the Best Hangover Cures

Some of these might come in handy.
Jordan Foisy
st patricks day

These Insane St. Patrick's Day Stories Will Convince You to Stay Home Tonight

Blow jobs! Party bus fights! Fake death! People told us the most drunken and deranged things they've done to honour Ol' Pat's life.
Caroline Thompson

McDonald’s Pisses Off Ireland with Culturally Inaccurate Shamrock Shake Tweet

Epic fail or genius marketing ploy?
Jelisa Castrodale
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Boston Mayor Urges People to Boycott St. Patrick’s Day Parade After It Bans Gay Group

"I will not tolerate discrimination in our city in any form."
Brian Moylan
LGBTQ rights

Boycott planned for Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade over ban of LGBTQ veterans group

Carter Sherman
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Chicago Cordially Asks You to Please Write Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade into Your Movie

Show up with Mark Ruffalo and 20 camera guys, and I promise you we will not notice.
Blythe Roberson

Under the Bucket: St. Patrick's Day Is the Stanley Cup of Givn'r

The Hawks and Kings are like the guys on St. Paddy's who start off the morning with Guinness before dipping into whiskey. They don't take their foot off the gas, but don't giv'r all they got because the Cup is still a million miles away.
Dean Murdoch

When Irish Guys Are Smiling

South Boston's legendarily divisive St. Patrick's Day Parade was marched amid considerable rancor between gay-veterans groups and parade organizers. But the parade went on Sunday, and I chatted with a few shamrock-festooned revelers about what St...
John Liam Policastro

American St. Patrick's Day Is a Violent, Drunken Disaster

On our adopted holiday of debauchery, 80 percent of all drunk-driving deaths involve drivers who are nearly twice the legal limit, and entire cities and college campuses have shut down their "Irish" festivities due to sexual assault, robbery, and...
Emelyn Rude