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A Guy Actually Got Stabbed at This Way-Too-Real Haunted House

And the company thinks an employee might have been involved.
River Donaghey
Australia Today

Australian BBQ Carries on After Guest Gets Stabbed With a Steak Knife

A disagreement about the best place to cook sausages quickly got out of hand.
Gavin Butler
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California Stabbing Suspect Tied to Charles Manson-Obsessed Neo-Nazi Group

Sources close to Samuel Woodward, the man charged with murdering a gay, Jewish teen, say he trained with an extremist hate group that idolizes Hitler.
Drew Schwartz
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Man Complains About His Meal in an Australian Ballarat Restaurant, Ends Up Dead

Something went very, very wrong here.
Wendy Syfret

An 'Aquaman' Crew Member Got Stabbed on Canada’s Most Infamous Drinking Street

Look buddy, you don’t get ripped on George Street without expecting a little foolishness.
Drew Brown
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Professor Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend 70 Times as Part of Sexual Fantasy

Prosecutors say the suspect and his alleged accomplice hatched their violent, erotic plan after meeting in an online chatroom.
River Donaghey

Viral Hate Videos Are a Person of Colour’s Reality

Violent, racist clips are the new normal on my social media feed and have changed the way I look at the world.
Sarah Hagi

Sometimes Violent Extremism Has No Ideology

Suspected Portland train stabber Jeremy Joseph Christian wasn't clearly a member of the right or the left—he was just very, very angry.
Allie Conti

A Winnipeg Bus Driver Facing Child Sex Charges Was Stabbed to Death on the Job

Police say investigators are still looking into whether the attack was at all related to the man’s charges.
Jake Kivanc

I Was Stabbed By a Samurai Sword on Friday the 13th—And Still Made it to My DJ Gig

You get into all kinds of things when you're out till 6 AM every night. But I never expected something like this.
Miguel Angel AKA DJ ulovei

Student Killed in Suspected Random Stabbing Attack on BC High School

A suspect was arrested but police say he had no known connection to the school.
Lisa Power
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A Times Square Cookie Monster Was Stabbed Trying to Break Up a Halloween Brawl

The <i>Sesame Street</i> vigilante was injured after trying to break up a fight between a man dressed as an aviator who was apparently offended by another man's Native American costume over Halloween weekend.
Allison Schaller