star spangled banner


Fergie’s “Star Spangled Banner” Wasn’t As Bad As These Ones

She’s since issued an apology, but remember Scott Stapp from Creed honking like a seagull at the 2005 Nascar Ford 400?


Someone Please Help Quavo Add a Verse to "The Star-Spangled Banner"

"And the rockets' red glare (glare!) / the bombs bursting in air (KABOOM!)"


Oilers Fans Nail Star-Spangled Banner After Mic Malfunction in Edmonton

Technical issues prevented Brett Kissel from singing the US national anthem before Game 3 against the Ducks, but the Edmonton crowd was there to pick him up. And it was great.


Kings Ice Crew Member Crushes National Anthem at NHL ASG After Fifth Harmony Bails Last Minute

Courtney Daniels stepped in last second and delivered a strong rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.


"Don't Forget the Happy Thoughts": On Seeing Chance the Rapper, Surrounded By America

He's never been more optimistic and that's never been more important.