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Gamers Are Harassing 'Ooblets' Developer Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity

'Ooblets' developer Glumberland received 'tens of thousands' abusive messages after the announcement last week.
Nicole Carpenter
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Two Months After Controversy, One of 2019’s Best Games Is Still Unavailable

After being embroiled in a political controversy, 'Devotion' disappeared from Steam, and it's unclear when it's coming back.
Patrick Klepek

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Police are searching for a suspect they believe is responsible for bombs found in New Jersey and New York, the FBI probes Minnesota stabbings as a potential terrorist attack, Clinton loses support among millennials, and more.
VICE Staff

A Terrible 'Mario Maker' Clone On Steam Actually Has a Few Good Ideas

If Nintendo won't release their games on PC, opportunistic developers are prepared to release basically the same thing.
Patrick Klepek

Why We Returned 'No Man’s Sky'

We asked five paying customers what made them return the not-so-infinite possibilities of the massively hyped video game.
Mike Diver

​Is There Room for Couch Co-Op in a World Obsessed with Online Multiplayer?

'Overcooked', an arcade-y restaurant sim, is one of the best co-op games in recent memory—but fans are upset that it doesn't offer online multiplayer.
Shonte Daniels

‘Half-Life 2: Episode One’ and Its Decade-Long Struggle with Confidence and Identity

Now ten years old, 'Half-Life 2''s first expansion shows us that by trying to be like films, games can only suffer.
Ed Smith

‘Jalopy’ Examines the Fall of Communism from a Uniquely Personal Perspective

A personal project from designer Greg Pryjmachuk, this is both a physical road trip and a journey into a painful past.
John Robertson

I Lived a Rent-Free Escapist Fantasy in the 'Stardew Valley' Farming Game

The Steam hit invites you to inherit a cottage and plough some fields. But balls to that—I'm playing as the most chilled person who's ever lived.
Mathew Jones
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‘Tangiers’ Will Push the Creative Boundaries of Video Games

It's set in a surrealist world that "can loosely be summed up as 1960s inner-city Britain meets William Burroughs." We talked with the game's creator, Alex Harvey, about the exciting new project.
Matt Porter
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'Cibele' Is One of the Few Video Games to Get Sex Right

The indie release tracks the online adventure of a teenager named Nina—and it's way more compelling than that sounds.
Suriel Vazquez
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Pills, Poop, and Pentagrams: A Conversation with Indie Gaming Legend Edmund McMillen

The man behind 'Super Meat Boy' and 'The Binding of Isaac' discusses the imminent release of 'Afterbirth,' and much more.
Jonathan Beach