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Nipsey Hussle

4 people shot in "senseless violence" near Nipsey Hussle's funeral procession

The shooting appears unrelated to the funeral.
Tess Owen

D.B. Cooper Is Tommy Wiseau, and Other Nontoxic Conspiracy Theories

Instead of going down a QAnon rabbit hole, why not read up on why Finland is fake?
Justin Caffier

RIP (???) to OVO Fest, Toronto's Number One Source of FOMO

After eight good years, Drake's OVO Fest has come to a quiet end. We think?
Jabbari Weekes
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

NFL teams mount historic protest against Trump, new travel ban applies to eight nations, church shooting suspect charged in Tennessee, and more.
VICE Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Chance the Rapper with a Stevie Wonder Cover For NPR's Tiny Desk

He also performed 'Coloring Book''s "Juke Jam," and a new poem.
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Elton John's Birthday Party Looks Like It Was All Sorts of Fun

Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder sang "Happy Birthday," Ryan Adams sang "Rocket Man," and Elton John is a damned good-looking 70.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Guy’s Cover of ‘Superstition’ Somehow Manifested Actual Stevie Wonder

And then they sang together. If you wish hard enough, Stevie will appear.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Barack Obama Is Throwing a Way Sweeter Party Than Donald Trump

He booked Stevie Wonder, Trump booked... who?
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Stevie Wonder: Asking Trump to Rule the Country Is Like Asking Me to Drive

“I’m not an experienced driver, right?”
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

This New Stevie Wonder Song Featuring Ariana Grande Will Make Your Day

If this doesn’t make you involuntarily jig your leg under your desk, you may have no soul.
Lauren O'Neill
thump exclusive stream

Listen to this Hour-Long Mix of Your Favorite 80s Hits Covered by Italo Disco Artists

From Madonna to Stevie Wonder, this mix will make your day.
Issy Beech
crate expectations

Crate Expectations: Disciples

A love for Motown and Nick Jonas collide in this Crate.
THUMP Canada Staff