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Dinamarca's New Track Is a Serene Synthesis of Baile Funk and Trance

"Feel Love" is off his upcoming 'Himnos EP' on Stockholm imprint STAYCORE.
Alexander Iadarola

Everything We Know So Far About the Attack in Central Stockholm

Four people have been killed and at least 15 are injured.
VICE Staff
A Day In The Life

What It's Like to Work in a Swedish Thai Massage Parlour

There are over 300 Thai massage parlours in Stockholm and the police suspect​ around 40 of these offer "happy endings". Although that's a lot, it's not the majority.
Nikita Velasquez

Driving Around Stockholm in Sweden's Only Mental Health Ambulance

PAM was launched in March 2015, and it's kind of like a therapy room on wheels.
John-David Ritz

Kornél Kovács is Making House Music Fun Again

Loopy and full of life, 'The Bells' is the Stockholm-based, Studio Barnhus producer’s debut album—and best work yet.
Bruce Tantum
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Sad Boys Producer Gud FKA Yung Gud Returns with Obfuscated R&B Single

The Stockholm-based artist shares his first original track in two years, "Body Horror."
Alexander Iadarola

Meet Toca Boca, the 'Toy' Developer Dominating the App Store

With 100 million downloads and counting, the Swedish studio is dominating the kids market. You need to know about them.
Mike Diver

Shock, Race, and Fairytales: A Conversation with Swedish Artist Makonde Linde

Linde gained international notoriety in 2012 by dressing as a cake in blackface. His latest exhibition is opening Saturday in Stockholm but has already divided the local art community.
Weronika Pérez Borjas
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Swedish Police Allegedly Covered Up Sex Crimes at an Annual Youth Music Festival

Incidents of sexual violence have been reported at the Swedish festival since 2014.
Rebecca Krauss
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Kornél Kovács Straight Up Smashes His First EP on Numbers, 'Radio Koko'

The Studio Barnhus co-founder's massive release is made for the magic hour.
Michelle Lhooq

I Spent a Year Naming Sex Toys in China

As normal as the office environment was, it wasn't uncommon to play with vibrators at work or flip through raunchy magazines for "research."
Matt Alesevich
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Kissey Removes Her Organs In "I Don't Need Anything" Cause She Really Doesn't Need Anything

"You can even take my songs, my blood, my night times, all my hard times, all my drops of sweat that I've worked hard for—you still can't take me."
Michelle Lhooq