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Let Us Rejoice in Sleep's Much Welcome Return to Stoner Metal

With 'The Sciences,' the band's first album in 15 years, the high priests of heavy metal's weed church demonstrate why they're legends.
Christopher Krovatin

Of Course Sleep Is Releasing Their First Album in Over a Decade on 4/20

An iTunes listing reveals that the stoner metal legends' new abum, 'The Sciences,' will be out tomorrow on Jack White's Third Man Records label.
Phil Witmer
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into Electric Wizard

Gaze into the depths of the British stoner doom titans' hazy catalogue, and marvel at what awaits as you descend into the Crypt of the Wizard.
Harry Sword

Cloakroom Find Beauty in Midwestern Desolation on 'Time Well'

We announce the Northwest Indiana trio's sophomore album and premiere their moody video for new song "Seedless Star."
Josh Terry
Weed Week

10 Stoner Metal Albums Ranked by a Stoner Who Doesn't Listen to Metal

Weed usually makes everything better. This is the real test.
Lawrence Burney
Weed Week

10 Stoner Metal Albums Ranked by a Metalhead Who Doesn't Smoke Weed

I hate weed, but love riffs.
Kim Kelly

Stream Acid King's New Stoner Rock Burner 'Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere'

Stream the band's first new recordings in a decade, available only at Noisey.
Noisey Staff
VICE Premiere

Warhorse's 'I Am Dying' Will Melt Your Face (Again)

Doom metal is a careful and meticulous art, and Warhorse did it right.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

Hiram-Maxim's New Song Takes You on a Doom Journey

"Visceral" builds into an apocalyptic fervor before dissipating into a cloudy haze and ending before you've had your fill.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

Meadows' New Track 'Gobshite' Will Pummel You into Nothingness

Check this British band out if you're into EYEHATEGOD but prefer scotch to bourbon. Their latest track boasts a blend of stoner doom riffs punctuated by bursts of crusty hardcore.
Charlie Ambler