Studio 54


Juicy Stories About What Andy Warhol Was Really Like

"Andy seemed to be floating through space. He had this magical energy and looked like nobody else."
Miss Rosen
Garage Magazine

New York City’s Best New Hotel is Studio 54-Meets-the Genius Bar

Ian Schrager's Public Hotel opened this summer on the Lower East Side. The innovative hotelier sits down for an interview with GARAGE.
GARAGE Magazine

Studio 54's First Month Was Nearly a Disaster

Nicky Siano recalls how the fledging club struggled to fill its dancefloor despite a fabulous opening night.
Nicky Siano
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Lube Up for A Club Called Rhonda and MATTE's NYC Bash with Sweaty Mix from Nicky Siano

The Studio 54 legend also shared a short story about the time he almost pushed Diana Ross off a balcony.
David Garber
The New Queer

How Sex Became a Four-Letter Word

In the 70s, Americans celebrated promiscuity. Today, it terrifies us—and we may never unlearn that fear.
Bruce Benderson

Giorgio Moroder Would Rather Eat a Nice Dinner Than Go Clubbing

He also doesn't understand why his music was so popular in discotheques.
Britt Julious

Nicky Siano Shares Memories of Bianca Jagger and Studio 54's Most Infamous Photograph

Nicky Siano, an early resident DJ of Studio 54, recalls the origins of the club and its most infamous photograph.
Britt Julious

The Last Days of Disco Captured by Photographer Bill Bernstein

A new photo book charts the rise and fall of disco as a crucial moment in history, and the impact the movement had on New York clubland.
Amelia Abraham
club culture

We Asked Kölsch to Create the Nightclub of his Dreams

Komapkt's Danish dude walks us through an imaginary club that sounds like heaven and only serves champagne.
Josh Baines

The Disco Freaks Came Out to Play at Nicky Siano’s Bumper Car Birthday

This represented a different era of New York nightlife--one where clubbers of all races, genders, and sexual identities mixed freely on the dancefloor.
Michelle Lhooq

From Studio 54 to a Bumper Car Birthday: the Legacy of Disco King Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano wasn't just present at the creation of dance music. He was the creation.
Steve Weinstein

Talking Heads and Dancing Shoes: How Fatboy Slim Brought His Beats to Broadway

The UK rave legend breaks down how an odd encounter with David Byrne led to the creation of a glitzy musical about party girl and shoe-loving Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos.
David Garber