Vanilla Spice

Pretending to be a Giantess Helped Me Feel Like a Boss

The giantess fetish mostly involves submissive men getting off to the idea of being crushed or eaten alive by destructive, sky-scraper sized women.
Alison Segel
Vanilla Spice

I Went to a BDSM Workshop to Rebuild My Dating Confidence

I also learned a lot about scat play.
Alison Segel

How I Reconciled Feminism with My First Step into the ‘Dark Side’ of BDSM

Radical feminist philosophy balks at any suggestion that a woman might choose to submit to sexual domination by a man, yet here I am.
Jade Orion

Holohan versus Smolka: A Storm of Submissions

Louis Smolka and Paddy Holohan performed out of their skin to save the UFC Dublin card. We look at their tremendous grappling match, and the best and worst of the other fights around the world over the weekend.
Jack Slack

Photos of Five Decades of Club Kids

We had a chat with Derek Ridgers about his upcoming book, "The Dark Carnival: Portraits from the Endless Night."
Jak Hutchcraft, Photos: Derek Ridgers

Send Us Photos of Your Weird Town for Our 'Paradise' Series

Send us photos of your downtown, your selfies, shots of drunken friends looking for a secluded spot to pee; send us whatever photos truly capture the splendid fuck-upness that is your city.
VICE Staff

Young Gays Are Sniffing Out the Pup Life

In the dog-eat-dog world of San Francisco, everyone's letting their inner pup out with the latest wave of "human canine" parties and clubs.
Marke Bieschke
Girl Writer

I Can't Decide Whether I Want to Have a Sex Slave

Men keep trying to get me to dominate them—financially, physically, and emotionally. The only problem is, I don't even know if I actually enjoy it.
Alison Stevenson