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Military Service

People Told Us the Weirdest Ways They've Avoided Conscription

"I spent months gorging on as much fast food as possible. I added mayo to everything I ate, and even had it on its own as a snack between meals."
Badar Salem
syrian war

Syrians Explain Why Nightlife in Damascus is Thriving Despite the War

"When you've had to spend ten days locked inside due to rocket firing, you want to find somewhere you can get wasted."
Hala Mustafa
Seven Years of Syria

What it's Like to Turn 18 in a Syrian Refugee Camp

This week marks the seventh anniversary of the Syrian War. Meet some of the young people who've grown up amidst its chaos.
Andrew Quilty
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What's Left of the Migrants Who Died Trying to Cross from Turkey to Greece

Professor Pavlos Pavlidis has identified 200 dead immigrants in the past 17 years.
Kostas Koukoumakas, Photos: Alexandros Avramidis

Greek Anarchists Are Helping Kurdish Forces Fight ISIS

They're allegedly training in guerrilla warfare in order to use similar tactics in the fight against the system at home.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Gary Johnson Asks the Tough Questions, Like 'What Is Aleppo?'

Hopefully the Libertarian candidate will remember his geography better if he winds up on the presidential debate stage later this month.
River Donaghey

How an Ohio Town Became a Model City for Resettling Syrian Refugees

In Toledo, Ohio—just two hours away from the Republican National Convention—there's a thriving enclave of Middle Eastern immigrants.
Ted Hesson

Syrian Refugees Are Becoming Second Wives in Turkey

Hemmed in by circumstance, Syrian refugee women often find that the simplest path to stability is marrying a man—even if that man is already married.
Yesim Erdem Holland

How the Syrian War Has Changed the Face of Beirut’s Club Scene

Lebanon embraces more casual nightlife as a proxy war and travel ban impacts the bottom line of the country's ultra-luxious clubs.
Stephanie d'Arc Taylor

I Spent a Frenzied Night Saving Children Washed Up on a Greek Island

We need more money, medical staff, volunteers, and translators. And we need more compassion so that men, women, and children stop dying on the water.
Peggy Whitfield

Syrian Women in the Domiz Refugee Camp

Painstakingly, some women who turned into widows or single parents have tried to reassemble their lives, readjusting hopes and goals to fit a harsh new reality. Here is one story of a women-led household—a rare occurrence in the Middle East—inside the...
Maya Gebeily

Two Would-Be Jihadis, Two Very Different Responses from the FBI

Here's the story of two US residents who planned to travel to Syria for love and jihad. They both came under close scrutiny of the FBI and were eventually arrested, and while the Feds gave one of them every available out, the other one wasn't so lucky.
John Knefel